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About the Dayton Disc Golf Association

The Dayton Disc Golf Association (DDGA) is a member funded, member organized entity that exists in order to provide disc golf events, education, exploration, and awareness to the residents of Dayton, OH and the surrounding communities. The DDGA has over 400 members (current and prior years). Annual DDGA membership is $20, includes a golf disc and comes with many other incentives and perks. The dues paid by members help the DDGA run annual local and Pro tournaments, design and install more courses, as well as provide other DDGA information (like this website) and promotions that help us fulfill our bylaws by promoting the sport we all play and love; DISC GOLF. For more information on DDGA membership please view our Membership Page.

Contestants at the 2008 Echo Valley BIDCurrently, the DDGA runs an annual tournament series called the "Best in Dayton" series (or BID series) which consists of several tournaments run by the DDGA at local area courses. The BID series schedule for the year may include several events at any of our local or surrounding disc golf courses, and/or some temporary courses set up just for us, and sometime even multi-club courses in conjunction with other local clubs. Events are competitive and designed to help players of all skill levels play against disc golfers within their divisions.

Normally, divisional structures for the BID series are as follows:

Open (Pro players)
Open Masters (Pro's at 40 years of age or above)
Advanced AM I (Amateurs below the pro level)
Advanced Masters (Amateurs at 40 years of age or above)
Intermediate AM II (Amateurs below the Advanced level)
Recreational AM III (Amateurs below the Intermediate level)
Women (Female competitors)
Juniors ( Competitive or casual players under the age of 18)

Competitors over the age of 40 are not required to play in a Masters division, and competitors under the age of 18 are not required to play in the Juniors division.

For more information on the "Best in Dayton" series please read the 2014 BID Series Rules.

The Dayton area also has a number of annual Professional level tournaments that are sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Information on the PDGA can be viewed at www.pdga.com

If you have any questions about the Dayton Disc Golf Association please visit our Contact Page to contact one of our DDGA officers. You can read information regarding the structure and operation of the Club in our Bylaws by clicking the link below:

2013 DDGA Bylaws

And remember, disc golf in Dayton:

It's not just a walk in the park!

Weekly Leagues

Sunday @ Sycamore
Random Draw Doubles

with Mike Now
Miamisburg, OH
Starts 3 April
Signups at 9am
$7 Entry
$1 Optional CTP

Monday @ Arthur Fisher
Handicap Singles

with BJ Burke
Dayton, OH
Starts 28 March
Signups at 430pm
$7 Entry
$1 Optional Ace Fund
$2 Optional Woodsman

Wednesday @ Belmont
A/B Random Draw Doubles

with Mick Downing
Dayton, OH
Starts 30 March
Signups at 530pm
$7 Entry
$2 Optional CTP

Thursday @ Clayton/Ewood
Random Draw Doubles

with Gil & Seth Walton
Clayton/Englewood, OH
Starts 31 March
Signups at 530pm
$7 Entry
$3 Optional Super Ace

There is a $1 Fee for Non-Members

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