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Disc Golf Gear

Currently the Dayton Disc Golf Association offers a custom stamped DDGA disc to all members. Whether you are a new member or a renewing DDGA member you will receive a Dayton logo disc when you sign up for membership.

Remember that your membership helps the club raise money to run the annual "Best In Dayton" series, design and install new courses, provide the Dayton community with quality disc golf information, fulfill our bylaws, and continue to promote disc golf in the area with businesses, park systems, and land owners who wish to help their patrons take advantage of the game we all enjoy.

For more information on DDGA membership and to recieve a custom stamped Dayton Disc Golf disc please visit our Membership Page or talk to an officer or tournament director at any DDGA event.


For great golf gear ideas visit our Links tab and look under the heading, "Need Discs?"


Weekly Leagues

Sunday @ Sycamore
Random Draw Doubles

with Mike Now
Miamisburg, OH
Starting 3 April
Signups at 9am
$7 Entry
$1 Optional CTP

Monday @ Arthur Fisher
Handicap Singles

with BJ Burke
Dayton, OH
Starting 28 March
Signups at 430pm
$7 Entry
$1 Optional Ace Fund
$2 Optional Woodsman

Wednesday @ Belmont
A/B Random Draw Doubles

with Brian Crabtree
Dayton, OH
Starting 30 April
Signups at 430pm
$7 Entry
$2 Optional CTP

Thursday @ Clayton/Ewood
Random Draw Doubles

with Gil & Seth Walton
Clayton/Englewood, OH
Starting 31 March
Signups at 430pm
$7 Entry
$3 Optional Super Ace

There is a $1 Fee for Non-Members


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